Internship Forms
Info: How to Get an Internship for Credit in Communication
Internship Agreement Form (for faculty signature and Registrar)
Juliet Davis' Internship Questionnaire (if she supervises your internship)

Indpendent Study Forms
Independent Study

Advising Forms
bullet90-Hour Review Form
bulletChange of Major/Minor
bulletChange of Advisor
bulletGrade Forgiveness
bulletCredit Hour Overload

Release Forms
Actor Release Form
Material Release Form
Model Release Form (Coming Soon)
Property Release Form (Coming Soon)

How To Sign A Release Form

Please select a release form if you have agreed to participate in a project produced by Juliet Davis and/or associates and you have been asked to download and sign a form.

What is a Release Form?

A release form is a statement signed by an individual to free a media producer of liability. For example, filmmakers have actors sign release forms; photographers have models sign release forms; etc. Use of release forms is standard practice.