Web Design

Com Com Systems

ComCom Systems, Inc.

ComCom Systems, Inc., develops software systems for data capture and document imaging, particularly for medical claims scanning.

The company needed a new web site design that would project a professional image and clearly communicate the benefits of its services from the home page.





Big Gig Music ExpoBig Gig Music Expos

This company, designed to conduct music trade shows in Orlando and Tampa, needed a name, corporate I.D., and branding. "Big Gig Music Expos" captured the excitement of Florida music scenes.

Big Gig Logo

Coordinated Child Care
of Pinellas

CCC is a private, not-for-profit agency designed by the State of Florida to help families secure child care and prepare their children for school. The company needed a web re-design, information re-design, and copywriting/revisions, to make information more usable.

Vermont College

Vermont College of Fine Art

VCFA requested a web site re-design to establish a more competitive presence among art schools. This web site design borrowed branding from existing print collateral to present a consistent graphic presence on the Web.


Word Visions


A web site for students to publish short class essays in expository writing classes. Essays include art interpretation and film analysis.



Dick Patterson

Dick Patterson

This Flash web site for DickPatterson.com portfolio site included all branding and design.


Dream Logic MediaDream Logic Media

Web design and copywriting for multimedia company.







Martha Serpas

Martha Serpas

This web site for poet Martha Serpas included a different animated Flash banner on each page, utilizing the poet's photography of Louisiana's wetlands and photo documentation of pre- and post-Katrina.



Long Distance ProductionsLong Distance Productions

Web design and copywriting for a filmmaking company specializing in "films that bridge people, cultures, and traditions."