Veiling US

VEILING US (In Progress)


This project is exploring ways in which we veil ourselves in the U.S. In one facet of the project, women are exploring the Judeo-Christian practice of veiling areas of the body from the neck down in response to the Adam and Eve story of shame in the garden, and thinking about how their own modes of dress relate to and rebel against that tradition. Muslim women in the U.S. talk about their chosen modes of dress in terms of privacy, protection, and spirituality. People of other lifestyles and beliefs are interviewed as well.

Waterfront Park Portal


Commissioned by Tampa's Public Art Program

"Shedding Light," by Juliet Davis and Stephanie Tripp, is one of three permanent outdoor video exhibits in Tampa's new Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, opening Feb. 19, 2011, during the Lights on Tampa biennial celebration. The "Shedding Light" project, which is accompanied by community workshops, asks members of local communities to shed (release) their traditional notions of public spectacle and share their own videos via social media.


"Altar-ations” is a wedding planner gone awry, to question who is really in control of a woman’s self-image and gender construction. Choose your engagement ring, spin for your spouse, build a better baby, and manage your virginity--these options are all just a click away, or so it seems. Navigating the interface triggers excerpts from interviews with young people who are contemplating sexuality, marriage, commercialism, and reproductive technologies. In one interview, Fiona May talks about how the blood diamond trade has impacted her home country of Sierra Leone, and how her family fled from civil war. "Altar-ations" has exhibited in such venues as SIGGRAPH, FILE, The International Museum of Women ("Imagining Ourselves"), IV06 London, and Electronics Alive IV (The University of Tampa). The project is currently in a traveling national exhibit called The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces.

Pieces of Herself


"Pieces of Herself" is an ironic exploration of feminine embodiment and identity in relationship to public and private space. Using a drag-and-drop game interface, viewers scroll through familiar environments (e.g., domestic, outdoor, work) to collect metaphoric "pieces" of the self and arrange them in compositions inside the body. As each piece enters the body, it triggers audio clips from interviews with women, music loops, sound effects, etc., so that layered narratives form. The project, which was inspired by Elizabeth Grosz's theories about embodiment, comments on social inscription of the body. The environments are composites of more than 400 photographs, the pieces include 40 vector drawings, and the audio clips include segments from interviews with 10 women. "Pieces of Herself" has won awards and shown in museums and festivals worldwide, including MAXXI Museum (Rome), Institute of Contemporary Art (London), FILE (Brazil/Rio), Web Biennial (Istanbul), Tampa Museum of Art, and others.

Polystyrene Dream



"Polystyrene Dream" uses our country's four-decade fascination with the Barbie doll to look at how we package even the most unnerving aspects of culture, from war to religion and reproductive technologies. This project has exhibited in festivals and museums internationally, including the Juan Castiglione Museum ( Argentina), the Tampa Museum of Art, and the Web Biennial 2005.

Digital Mommy

DIGITAL MOMMY (In Development)
Net.Art, Machinema, Video

This project explores a mother's long-distance relationship with her children, which is largely defined through digital communication.

Amazing Invisible Woman

(In Development)


An exploration of the visibility and invisibility of women and minorities in relationship to dominant culture. Selecting attributes for the character will trigger audio clips of interviews with women and minorities, as well as graphic backdrops such as New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. (In progress at www.julietdavis.com/studio/invisiblewoman)

Blazin' Jane
Short Videos

This project contains two parallel video shorts: "Blazin Jane" is a mock documentary about a fictitious female serial killer (played by Alexxis Avalon) whose story explores our notions of gender and power associated with violence and trauma, and how the media become involved in shaping our cultural consciousness about criminality. The video short entitled "Milk" is autobiographical and explores the artist as a girl making decisions about violence and power as they manifest in a creative fantasy life.

Good Measure

Short Video

This video questions ways in which we seek to "measure" and control femininity, weight, and overall worth of the female body, while exploring ambiguities of exploitation.

Good Measure


This photography series has been shown at Dallas 500X, and in the Noble Hall Gallery, Vermont College, Montpelier, in conjunction with the video.

WE2 Interactive

(In Development)

A Collaboration Directed by Juliet Davis
and others To Be Announced

Exhibition Versions:
1) CD-ROM/Web Site (for monitor-only exhibits)
2) Full exhibition (show including 2D, 3D, video, interactive media, and live performance--or combinations of these)

In 1920, the Russian-born Yevgeny Zamyatin wrote the world’s first dystopian novel—a profoundly subversive act that would ultimately result in his exile. Supporting Fredric Jameson's assertion that dystopian narrative is not peculiarly relevant to socialist politics, WE2 maps Zamyatin's dystopian critique of socialism onto late capitalism, exploring globalization, biotechnologies, and gender/sexuality construction, questioning not only our current political climate, but also how our traditional narrative constructions of dystopia and utopia narrow our understandings and imaginings of alternative societies. Funded by the individual artists and the David Delo Grant from The University of Tampa.