Juliet Davis has taught more than 46 course titles since 1991, including courses in interactive media, graphic design, gender studies, visual culture, English, writing, and journalism. Access current course materials here.

Why I Became a Teacher

I inherited a love of teaching from a family of inspirational educators: My great-great-great aunt built the first one-room school house in Indiana (which stands to this day); my great grandmother built the first library in Fulton, Indiana (which still bears her name); my grandmother landed her first job as a high-school music teacher during the Great Depression by demonstrating her love of students; and my parents, who were English professors at Notre Dame when I was in high school, fostered my love of language and storytelling. When I was born, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not published a photograph of our five generations of “first females” living at the same time. Thanks to three of them, pockets of my childhood were worlds of wonder and creativity, where preschool storybooks were Shakespeare plays and where I learned to perform Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude by age ten.

My work with students at U.T. extends far outside the classroom—and often beyond graduation—as they plan their careers, further their education, and develop worldviews. Doing such transformative work with people is a privilege.

While I currently teach in the area of new media and have a professional background in strategic communication, all of my work is rooted in traditional studies (English, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art). Interactive media brings media users into dynamic relationships with these fields.

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