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Software & Tools for Digital Production

Create videos, animations, apps, websites, graphics, vlogs, podcasts, and more. If you use templates, remember to customize them as much as possible; otherwise, they can get easily recognized from public overuse. Also, before you use any of the resources below, check with your professor to see what’s acceptable for use on a project.

Social Media Content Creation

FREE Social Graphics & Video Storytelling
Canva (does all,
but best for graphics)
Adobe Spark
 (does all,
but best for video)

FREE Video / Animation / Effects

Vyond (top pro animator)
Powtoon (pro but limited)
Animaker (great for social media)
Canva (Go pro for animation
or free for animatedgifs)
(Google Playstore or Apple Store) 
Juliet’s Review of Animator Software

FREE Photo Editing Software
Adobe Photoshop Camera
Raw Therapee
(high functionality, open source)

FREE Infographics Templates

FREE Stop-Motion Animation
Stop Motion Studio

FREE Color Scheme
Creation & Matching
Adobe Color

FREE Social Media Resources
Sprout: Social Media Image Sizes (always up-to-date)
Hashtag Generator
Google Key Word Planner Tool 

FREE Social Media Training
Social Media Training (Hubspot)
Google Analytics Academy
Hootsuite Academy

Adobe & FREE Alternatives

Adobe Tutorials
Link to Adobe Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop
(Photo Editing)
Paint.net (Windows)
Pinta (Mac) 

Adobe Lightroom
(Photo Editing)

Raw Therapee

Adobe Illustrator
(Vector Illustration)


Adobe Premiere
(Video Editing)

OpenShot.org (Beginners)
Blender.org (Beginners)
iMovie (Mac Only; Beginners)
Lightworks (Advanced)
Adobe Premiere (free 30-day download)

Adobe InDesign
(Page Layout)


Adobe Audition or Avid ProTools
(Audio Editing)

GarageBand (Apple)
Audacity (PC only, open source)

Adobe Tutorials
Link to Adobe Tutorials

Website & App Design

FREE App Design Software
Adobe XD

FREE Beginner Website Builders

FREE Professional Website Builders
Word Press
(Most widely used)
See my “WordPress vs. Wix” PPT

Best Visual Builders to Use with WordPress
FREE Elementor Builder
(Free but basic)
Divi Themes and Builder
(most widely used by pros)
Divi Tutorial (thorough): FerdyKorp
(get percentage off Divi there)

Educational Web Building
Adobe Dreamweaver
Great for learning code and web, but not widely used professionally; too difficult for beginners and too simple and cumbersome for developers.

Advanced Platforms for Developers

Domains & Hosting (Paid)
Godaddy (24/7 Phone Support)
Dreamhost (Cheap, Limited Support)
See my “Domains & Hosting” PPT